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ThE EsCaPe BaSs Officially Changes Hands

On Journey's trip to the UK, Mike Smith, the winning bidder on the bass guitar that Ross Valory used to record the album Escape, finally got to meet up with Ross and the "Official" handing over of the bass took place. As you can see from some of the photos below, looks like Ross and Mike had a great time discussing the bass. You can check out the orginal EsCaPe BaSs story and pictures below as well.

The Escape Bass

Fellow Zoner and Bass Player Mike Smith recently was the winning bidder for the bass guitar used by Ross Valory to record the 1981 Journey Album, Escape. Mike and his wife Cathy reside in the UK and are huge Journey fans. They have made several trips to the US to take in several Journey shows and are very active in trying to bring Journey to the UK in 2006. Check out Journey Rock and sign the petition to help bring Journey to the UK.

Check out some more pictures of the bass, and read more of Mike's story below.

Mike was actually in the United States on business when he heard from Cathy that he had indeed been the winning bidder for this most treasured bass guitar. Part of the original auction was that if the winning bidder could make it to California, Ross would personally present the bass to the high bidder. Mike worked hard to try and make arrangements to meet Ross but Journey was on the east coast playing Casino Rama in Toronto and a personal meeting just could not be arranged. The Journey Gods were in action though because Mike had no sooner got off the phone with someone at the Chet Helms Trust and who should come on the office/factory system but Journey! Then to cap off the experience, Mike's flight back to the UK got routed through Chicago and then north over the Great Lakes. From 38,000 feet/minus 58 degrees he got an amazingly clear view of Toronto, where he and Cathy had first ventured to see Journey perform live. At that precise moment, you'll never guess who was actually playing live at Casino Rama in Toronto...you guessed it, Journey! Rumor has it that the smile did not leave Mike's face for many days to come!Mike has received not one, but two letters from Ross since winning the bass. I am sure that a personal meeting awaits Mike somewhere along the line whether it's here in the US or in the UK.

Your RoSs ZoNe family would like to wish you nothing but the best, and hope you enjoy playing the newest member of your bass collection. Rock on, Mike!


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